Europe far right hails Trump, slams EU, Islam, migrants

Al Jazeera PRAGUE – Far right leaders promised to build a new Europe without the EU, as they rallied against Islam and praised US President Donald Trump’s hardline immigration policy at a meeting in Prague over the weekend. Populist politicians from France, the UK, Poland, Austria and the Netherlands wrapped up their gathering on Sunday, […]

European Far-Right Leaders, Meeting to Condemn the E.U., Are Greeted With Boos

The New York Times PRAGUE — As European far-right leaders gathered in Prague on Saturday for a two-day conference to unify their stance on immigration and other issues, they were met by throngs of protesters who booed, shouted “Shame” and denounced populism and xenophobia. The members of the European Parliament, including Marine Le Pen of […]

Czech Republic’s tiny Muslim community subject to hate

Al Jazeera PRAGUE – Walking along the idyllic streets of Prague just blocks away from the famed Wenceslas Square, 38-year-old Palestinian-born Raed Shaikh stopped to point out a halal grocery store he and the handful of other Muslim residents in town frequent. He then motioned towards a Middle Eastern restaurant to the right, hidden behind a […]

Communism’s Answer to Mickey Mouse Is Thrust Into a Very Capitalist Dispute

The New York Times PRAGUE — Along the historic streets on the periphery of the famed Old Town Square here, tourists stroll past dozens of souvenir shops, many displaying the same stuffed toy of a wide-eyed and cheerful-looking mole. The gray-bellied character may not mean much to Westerners, but for many in Central Europe and […]

The Czech Republic has swung to the right by electing its very own Donald Trump

The Independent PRAGUE – After two days of balloting, the Czech Republic has resoundingly voted in favour of installing populist billionaire and Eurosceptic Andrej Babiš as the country’s next prime minister, according to preliminary results released last night. According to the Czech Statistical Office, the anti-establishment Babiš and his Action of Dissatisfied Citizens party (ANO) accumulated 78 of the 200 […]

Czechs Dump the Political Establishment in Favor of a Magnate

The Wall Street Journal PRAGUE – The Czech Republic’s second-richest citizen, who has pledged to upend the country’s constitutional order and boost executive authority, won a legislative election on Saturday, as a breakdown in political consensus sent a record number of parties to parliament. For the whole story, click here.

The populist tide has spread to one of Central Europe’s last liberal democracies

PRI PRAGUE – Andrej Babis owns major media outlets and has a stake in virtually every facet of his country’s agriculture sector. Now, after serving as finance minister, he has his sights on becoming the next Czech prime minister — a target he’s expected to achieve when voters go to the polls Friday and Saturday. […]

China’s Plan to Buy Influence and Undermine Democracy

The Atlantic Along a major tributary of the Mekong River in northeastern Cambodia sits the newly opened Lower Sesan II Dam hydropower plant. The 400-megawatt dam will produce badly needed electricity for the country, but at the cost of potential major ecological damage and the eviction of some 5,000 families from the area. Such consequences […]