New Book! Relics of Rangoon

This illustrative book of photographs seeks to definitively capture the historic buildings of Rangoon at a time they are in danger of disappearing forever.

Containing a vivid descriptions of each chosen landmark, Relics of Rangoon takes the reader through this iconic city as it once was and with the help of historians, architects, residents and government officials. This project offers an inside look of more than 200 of the city’s most important structures many would never see otherwise, while intertwining evocative photography with collages of other prominent residences, offices and government buildings against a journalistic background on the fate of the old city post 2011 where much of this history is threatened by demolition.

The final section of the book would also take a look at how the city is developing, using photographs that would encase how decision makers envision the future of Rangoon, while exploring the impact of new developments on the old capital of Burma.

  • P. 368 Pages
  • 700 photographs
  • Hardcover
  • 150 g glossy paper
  • Matte jacket

For more, check out the Relics of Rangoon website at


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